Uploading your first image

Time to enhance your first image with Autoenhance.ai API

Upload an image to our API in two stages. First, you must request a signed S3 URL, then upload the image to the signed s3. (This is AWS recommend way of uploading to a serverless API stack: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/uploading-to-amazon-s3-directly-from-a-web-or-mobile-application).

If you are trying to upload a 360 you will need to set "threesixty" to true.

Note that your image file has not been uploaded to our service yet. We’ll provide you with a signed S3 endpoint for uploading your image, called "s3PutObjectURL".

To upload your image to our service, make a PUT request to s3PutObjectURL with the image as a buffer. You will receive a 200 success code and an empty body confirming that you’ve uploaded the image successfully.

Upload image file to pre-signed S3 URL.

PUT {{ s3PutObjectURL }

The body should contain the data for your image and the Content-Type should be equal to what. you sent when creating the image


Once the image has been uploaded, our service will start enhancing your image.

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