You can subscribe to our webhooks to receive automatic updates about your images. Webhooks allow our system to send real-time notifications to your server whenever an update occurs, ensuring you are always informed about the status of your images.


In order to subscribe to our webhooks, you need to set up your account in the API page in our web application. Once you are in the API page, fill in the Webhook URL form field with the url that the webhooks are supposed to be sent to together with the authentication value if it's necessary, and hit the "Update settings" button.

You should receive an POST request to your webhook url right after update the settings.

    "event": "webhook_updated"

Consuming webhooks

For each image processed you will receive a POST request with your authentication token containing the following JSON payload

    "event": image_processed",
    "image_id": ..., // The ID of the image procesed
    "error": ... // True if the image had an error, false otherwise
    "order_id": ..., // The ID of the order the image belongs to
    "order_is_processing": ... // True if the order is processing, false if it has processed all the images

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