AI Versions

Autoenhance regularly releases improvement to it's AI as a new version - giving you the flexibility and control to choose the cadence that suits your needs

Specifying Versions

Floating Version

By default your images will be enhanced with the latest version of the AI. You can manually specify to only get the latest bug fixes using the floating version number i.e 4.x to the ai_version field

In this example you would only get the latest bug fix for version 4 of the AI.

Note AI versions below version 4.0 do not support floating version numbers

Fixed Version

If you want to ensure the AI version never changes before you've had a chance to test out the new one, then you can use fixed versions. Simply specify the version number in full.

Available Versions

Here is a list of our available AI versions and the changes contained, you can see a full list of our changes in our Changelog

Version 4

VersionRelease DateChanges


1st July 2024

  • Improved RAW decoding with improvements to contrast, exposure and saturation, as well as to white balance in cases where camera settings weren't set correctly

  • New Auto Privacy 1.1 with improved accuracy and additional support for extra types of sensitive objects

  • Improved processing speed

  • Added support to process images up to 12K in resolution

  • Reduced brightness boost strength to achieve a more balanced look when using stronger settings

  • Fixed cases where single RAW images would contain ghosting

  • Orientation of RAW images is now corrected on supported cameras


28th May 2024

  • We now use a single middle exposure for the original to more accurately reflect whats been enhanced

  • The effect of brightness boost has been reduced to reduce destruction of images when using high settings on already bright images

  • Fixes images not being kept in original size for perspective correction

  • Fixes cases where lens correction could applied twice with recent Sony Cameras

  • Fixes cases where lens correction could applied twice with images exported from Lightroom or Photoshop

  • Fixes cases where perspective correction wouldn’t be applied to images from Apple devices

  • Increases the number of skies available for sky replacement

  • Fixes cases where brackets generated from a single RAW file would be misaligned

  • Fixes cases where perspective correction would be applied to 360s

  • Enables contrast boost by default to ensure there is a good level of default by default, this can be disabled by providing your own contrast_boost setting

  • Adds support for perspective correction for portrait images


5th April 2024

  • New HDR algorithm with improved dynamic range

  • Introduction of super resolution upscaling to increase fine detail in the image

  • Introduction of Window Pulling that ensures the content of your windows can always be seen

  • Improved accuracy of Auto Privacy blurring

  • New enhancement architecture with "target editing" support which can intelligently detect which areas need enhancing, improving loss of details caused by previous AI versions pushing brightness too high in already over-exposed areas

  • Better extraction of detail from over-exposed brackets Improved white balance for photos taken by incorrectly calibrated cameras.

  • Expansion of editing styles to "warm", "neutral" and "authentic" for more customisation of AI output

Version 3

We will be ending support for version 3 from December 2024 and it will eventually will be withdrawn. If you are using version 3, please start making plans to transition to version 4.

VersionRelease DateChanges


1st May 2024

  • Fixes an issues where perspective correction would not be applied to JPEG images from Apple devices.

  • We've increased the variation of skies in our sky replacements, to make sure each sky for every image will be unique.


30th April 2024

  • Fixes an issues where 360s would occasionally have a visible stitch line.

  • Fixes an issue where enabling perspective correction would cause AI to override lens correction being disabled.

  • We now only run perspective correction if lens correction is enabled.

  • We now progressively enhance, if any errors are encountered we will skip that step so that we always give you some kind of image.

  • Images which already have lens correction applied in Photoshop or Lightroom are now correctly detected.


11th March 2024

  • Improved lens correction for the Canon USM 4/ lenses

  • Improved perspective correction algorithm which can now do more accurate corrections in difficult cases.


1st January 2023

  • New enhancement and HDR decoding architecture which fixes hallucinations areas of darkness in images

  • Introduction of Auto Privacy feature

Unavailable Versions

VersionRelease DateChanges


1st January 2022

  • Initial release of Autoenhance

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