Our SDK will help you easily integrate into your codebase in a matter of minutes. We've prepared methods for interacting with our API in all possible ways you might need.


You can find the NPM package for our SDK on npmjs


Install SDK with simple CLI command

With npm:

npm install

With yarn:

yarn add


Follow these simple steps in order to implement and configure our SDK

Import Autoenhance SDK package

import Autoenhance from '';

Create a constant, and add your API key

const autoenhance = new Autoenhance('YOUR API KEY');

Boom, that's it! Now you can interact with our API in a matter of seconds.

Usage examples

Uploading image

const uploadImage = async (imageProperties: ImageIn, image: Blob) => {
    const { s3PutObjectUrl } = await autoenhance.ImagesApi.createImage({
      imageIn: {
        contentType: image.type,

    await fetch(s3PutObjectUrl, {
      method: "PUT",
        headers: {
            "Content-Type": blob.type,
        body: image,

Retrieving order

const getOrder = async (orderId:string) => {
  const order = await autoenhance.OrdersApi.retreiveOrder({ id: orderId});

Retrieving list of orders

const getOrders = async () => {
  const response = await autoenhance.OrdersApi.listOrders();
  const orders = response.orders;

Downloading enhanced image

const downloadImage = async (imageId) => {
    const imageUrl = await autoenhance.ImagesApi.downloadEnhancedImageRaw({
          id: imageId,
          size: "large",
      }).then((res) => res.raw.url);
    return { url: imageUrl };

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