For optimal results, we recommend uploading all original metadata included in the file captured by the camera. Several features of Autoenhance rely on or enjoy improved performance with this metadata:

  1. Lens Correction: Requires metadata such as Make, Model, and Lens information to identify the best profile for correcting lens distortion.

  2. Perspective Correction: Requires lens distortion to have been corrected to make sure it corrects perspectives accurately, this feature requires either the information for lens correction to be available or the metadata that indicates that the image has already been lens corrected (This varies from camera to camera)

  3. HDR Grouping: Utilizes Date Taken and Exposure Value (This varies from camera to camera) metadata for improving the bracket grouping accuracy for High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.

Including this metadata ensures that our Autoenhance features can apply corrections and enhancements with optimal accuracy and quality.

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