Creating & Uploading

This API endpoint allows you to create an image. To create an image, you must provide a valid API key.

We've prepared quick start guides for uploading images the simplest way possible. If you're stuck, or perhaps want to see simple code examples, then start over there!

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Creating image

All of your uploaded images will contain an order_id even if you don't specify it. If you want to upload multiple images into an order, you need to specify the order_id while creating the image in our API. Learn more on the Orders page.

After successfully creating an image, the response will include an s3PutObjectUrl. To upload the physical image to our service, make a PUT request to this URL with the image in the body of the request.

Uploading image

PUT s3PutObjectUrl

The body should contain the data for your image and the Content-Type should be equal to what you sent when creating the image.




eg. image/jpeg This value has to match the used contentType in create image request!



File or Blob

Image in a Blob or File format.


  "status": "success"

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