Report an enhancement

We’re striving to improve the quality of enhancements every day but we need to know when the AI has done a good job or a bad job. Using our review endpoint provides us with the data to analyse the image we’ve enhanced.
Current reporting categories;
download: Image failed to download
hdr: Images failed to merge properly or be grouped correctly
lens_correction: Image failed to have lens corrected or incorrectly corrected.
perspective_correction: Image failed to have perspective corrected or incorrectly corrected.
processing: The image was stuck in processing and never returned.
image_quality: The image quality is bad.
sky_replacement: Image failed to have sky replacement, incorrectly replaced sky or the sky replacement was bad.
contrast: Too much contrast or not enough contrast.
colour: The colour is off or not right.
white_balance: The image is too warm or too cool.
other: You are reporting the image for a reason not currently within our categories.
Review enhancement