The latest details for the latest Autoenhance updates

April 2024 Release

Introduction of new version 4.0 AI:

  • New HDR algorithm with improved dynamic range

  • Introduction of super resolution upscaling to increase fine detail in the image

  • Introduction of Window Pulling that ensures the content of your windows can always be seen

  • Improved accuracy of Auto Privacy blurring

  • New enhancement architecture with "target editing" support which can intelligently detect which areas need enhancing, improving loss of details caused by previous AI versions pushing brightness too high in already over-exposed areas

  • Better extraction of detail from over-exposed brackets

  • Improved white balance for photos taken by incorrectly calibrated cameras.

  • Expansion of editing styles to "warm", "neutral" and "authentic" for more customisation of AI output

March 2024 Release

Introduction of new version 3.3 AI:

  • Introduction of SmartStack 2 for better HDR grouping

  • Improved lens correction for the Canon USM 4/ lenses

  • Improved perspective correction algorithm which can now do more accurate corrections in difficult cases.

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