Making changes to an enhancement

If you’re unhappy with your edited image, then you can make changes.

If you want to change the vertical correction, which makes crooked lines straight, then set vertical_correction: false, and the AI will disable this.

If the image should have a sky replacement, and it hasn’t been achieved by the AI, then you can set sky_replacement: true, and the AI will apply a sky replacement to the image. If the image shouldn’t have a sky replacement, but the AI has applied one, then you can set sky_replacement: false, to disable the sky replacement.

You can see the full list of options in the following snippet.

When the request has been made the image will be resubmitted to be processed by the AI. To check on the progress of the enhancement you may either call GET /image or GET /order to check the status of the image being processed. View "Checking an image/order has been enhanced" to understand how to check this.

pageChecking an image/order has been enhanced

Once updated, the image will be accessed from the same /preview or /enhanced endpoints.

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