Enhancing HDRs

Start by uploading your HDR brackets to the enhancement endpoint. To tell our system that you are uploading brackets, you need to set hdr: true in the body and explicitly provide an order_id

When uploading HDR brackets, you can't specify the enhancement options when uploading the images. These need to be defined when you merge the images.

HDR images require an order_id as we need to group all the images once they have been uploaded.

Like uploading a normal image, you will receive a signed S3 endpoint for uploading your image, called "s3PutObjectURL".

To upload your bracket to our service, make a PUT request to s3PutObjectURL with the image as a buffer. You will receive a 200 success code and an empty body confirming that you’ve uploaded the image successfully.

Upload image file to pre-signed S3 URL.

PUT {{ s3PutObjectURL }

The body should contain the data for your image and the Content-Type should be equal to what. you sent when creating the image





We require you to upload all brackets of all HDRs in an order to our system before we start processing. Once that is complete, we require you to hit our HDR merge endpoint, which will start processing the orders brackets into groups to start enhancement.

Grouping can take between 10 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the number of brackets that need grouping. During this time, no images will show up when you make a GET request to /order/{order_id}.

Once a grouping has been completed all groups will show up with GET /order/{order_id} and the AI will start to merge HDRs and enhance them.

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